Artist    Title copyright date
Rick Jones   1 "The Torch" cover of KHS arts rag copyright 1970
Freak Flag   2 Backdrop for KHS play, "Alice in Wonderland"
painted by Cheryl Meidinger, Tom DeBolt, Belinda Blain,
Gwen Pratt, Barbara Easter and other KHS art students
copyright 1970
Valerie Trivett   3 My Summer Vacation in Topsail copyright 1999
Rick Jones   4 faces in a Crowd copyright 2000
Scott Jacobs   5 Poem copyright 2000
Liz Roberts   6 Bottle of Fume Blanc copyright 1998
Robyn Roberts   7 Alligators, Red Wolves, and Bears, OH MY! copyright 2001
Mike Gardner   8 Lotus and Koi Pond copyright 2004
Ron Taylor   9 Mike Johnstone copyright
    10    copyright
    11    copyright
   12    copyright
   13    copyright
   14    copyright
   15    copyright
   16    copyright

"The art of a people
is the true mirror of their minds."
Jawaharlal Nehru

Peace will take you home!
Peace will take you home!