"The soul's capricious reporter - memory - filters out what hurts,
combines the incidents that remain, and then adapts them to the form it wants to remember.
Memory composes its own truth."
Martha Zamodia

Buckroe pier

Vintage Virginia Photos and Post Card Sites

(Amusement Park Photos)
Vintage Virginia
(postcard prints)
VCU's Digital Library
(Vintage photos of Richmond)
rk Puma's Nickel Tour
My Favorite!
scroll to bottom of their page,
click on numbers 1-22 and take the tour, great Hampton roads nostalgia, tons of photos and links,
mostly Ocean View and Norfolk
Library of Virginia's digital resources
(challenging to navigate)
Card Cow Postcard site (several cities in Virginia)
You Tube
go there and search Buckroe, Hampton, NN VA etc
found several historic slide shows


The PC Club or The Munchie Shop?
The American Lighthouse Club?
The Hullaballoo in Denbigh?
Yama's in Phoebus?

    A steaming bowl of chili at Fuller's in Phoebus?

White Oaks Lodge?       
Barney's at Buckroe Beach?       
The Chateau?       
The Peninsula Auditorium?       
Sunday Jam sessions at Huntington Park?       

Remember the hours, days and weeks we spent glued to the Watergate hearings?

"I'm not a crook!"

Fall and winter bonfires at Grandview?     
Side Two Coffeehouse?     
The Rebel Drive-in?     
Creadell's in Buckroe?     
Peabody's Warehouse in Virginia Beach?     

Remember Tidewater Virginia's Music?

(if you know band names that are not listed, people who were in those bands, the years they played, what they played, etc please contact Robyn)
(Thank you Johnny Ace Acord, Vaughn Deel, Lloyd Binger, John Tudder, Bob Schlagel, Ricky Burroughs, Jamie Jones, Billy Etherdige, and Mike Gardner for your memories and help)

Anglo Saxons - TJ Engels (lead guitar), Bobby Neighbors (lead vocals), Rick Derette (keyboards), Jerry 'Pot" Williams (bass Guitar)
Back Door - Bruce West (vocals), Steve Manaco, Bob Schlagel (bass), Robby Robertson, Mike Johnstone (guitar)
Beach Nuts - Tom Strew
Bill Deal and the Rondells
Boa - Johnny Slater, John Akers, Chuck Henderson, Ray Bruce
Boogaloo 4 - Tom Hudgins, Gaither Kennel, Rodney Luckadoo, Ronny Smith
Cabbage - Tom Lamson
Danny and the Delnotes - Danny O'Brian (vocals, keyboards)
Denis and The Times
Dryvn Wheel - Ray Bruce, Chuck Henderson, John Akers
Dubonettes - Jon Etheridge (drums), Randy Pope, Wanda Gaye, Benny Bialey
Headstone Circus '68 to 69 Arthur Wheeler (vocals, harmonica), Mike Johnstone (guitar), Bob Schlagel (bass), Jon Etheridge (drums), Glen Faria
Helicopter - Tom Cole (drums), Richard 'Buzz' Bessette (Hammond Organ), Mark Wampler (bass), Dick Morrison , James 'Watt' New
Hunger - Jon Buriak (drums), Terry Stead (vocals), Mike Rota, Jack Ellis (keyboards), Mike Hanson, Jim Deacon Smith, Gary Stultz
Journey Back - Stan & Larry Burnell
The Livin' End - Billy Etheridge (vocals), Mac McCarty (drums)Jamie Jones (guitar), Tommy Espinola, Regis Gerst
Mason - Morgan Hampton (drums), Steve Arcese (organ, bass, vocals), Jim Galyon (guitars, flute, sax, vocals)
Mustangs - '64 to '66 Norm Lawrence, Steve Swenson, Mike Johnstone (guitar), Ronnie Hall
National Debt - Ronny Smith, Gaither Kennel, Gary Thon, Stan Meade, Tom Hudgins, Bud 'Big Hair' Thomas, Gene Kane, Mary Scott, Mac McCarty
Nonesuch - '65 to '66 Steve Monaco, Robby Robertson, Bob Schlagel
The Norfolk Aliens - Robbie House (vocals), Gail 'Pooneil' Holloman (vocals), Bill 'Byrd' Sechman (vocals), Morgan 'Conrad' Hampton (drums)
Ozment Park - Gary Thon, Bill McCann, Bud Thomas, Mac McCarty, Randy Hogan, Ronny Smith
Paper Glass - Peter Poulos (guitar), Larry "Moochie" Elkins (Vocals), Pat "Bubba" Gainer (keyboards), Danny Tyer (drums), Jerry Collins (lead guitar), Mosely Ellington (bass)
Punch - Jon Etheridge (drums), Bill Ellis, Art Ensley, R.B. Sharp, Curtis Eley, Tom Cali
Power Plant
Rael - Jerome Gay, Bob Roman, Tommy Horne, Susan ?, Joe Maffeo, John Moore, Lester Arbuckle, Marty Esco
Rain - Garland Reece, John Acord, Tom Harris, Steve Hooker
Rooth - Tom Strew, Mike Johnstone
Rush - Bobby Hudnall, Randy Hogan, Chuck Henderson, Randy Hall
Sandcastle - Billy Etheridge (vocals), Stan Burnell (drums), Steve Thomas, Mac Aultman, Gentry Flye, Eddie Hardy, Pat Murray, Jeff Pitman
Sermon Wench
Ship of Fools - Mike Gardener (guitar/vocals), Steve Scott (vocals), Will Curling, guitar), Gordon Robeson (bass), Regis Gerst (Hammond organ), Tim Mulac & Cliff Lencher (drums)
Snuff - early 70s Acoustic Trio was James 'Jimbo' Gray Bowling (6/12 string acoustic guitar, Mike Jones (vocals), Bill Wampler (6/12 string acoustic and vocals)
Snuff - 70s to 80s Acoustic/Electric Country Rock was Jimbo (6/12 string acoustic, electric guitar, vocals), Chuck 'Coyote' Larson (acoustic guitar, vocals), Robbie House (acoustic and electric guitar, vocals) Ceceil Hooker, C Scott Trabue
The Sound Effects
Stonehenge - Lloyd Binger (guitar), Buzz Underwood, Larry Weimar, Dusty Askew, Bo Hill
Swingin Machine
Third Estate - Herb Barnhart
The Tom Cats - Tommy Prothro (guitar,vocals), Steve Hagood (drums), Jay Coutts (bass, vocals)
The Wild Kingdom - Jon Etheridge (drums), Bruce West (vocals), Robbie Robertson (guitar), Mike Johnstone (guitar)
White Rose
The Young Sound - Guthrie Kennard (guitar), Donnie Nix, John Benit


Remember the first sign of Spring was Rick Jones showing up at KHS or at the Yorktown Battlefields on Sunday with an armload of daffodils?

Remember parties at Strawberry Banks Manor,
Forecastle, Breezy Point Farm?

KHS Thespians

    Remember the plays the KHS Thespian Society performed? Not your usual high school tripe but real theater!
    "Alice in Wonderland" and
    "The Persecution and Assassination of Jean Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade".
    The drama teacher/coach was
    Thomas I. Miller

    Mark Wampler's Thespian Society Membership Roll.

    Yardbirds poster

    The Yardbirds at the Peninsula Auditorium?
    Jimi Hendrix at the Virginia Beach Dome in 1968?
    The Animals at the P.A.?
    The Rolling Stones at the VA Beach Dome 1966?
    Led Zeppelin at the Hampton Coliseum in 1971?
    Did you get to Woodstock in 1969?
    Ever dream of visiting Haight Ashbury?

    Did you volunteer at the Peninsula Free Clinic
    at the Unitarian Church on Briarfield Road?
    John Bennet, Greg Semos, Richard Gaynor,
    and Bert & Louis Weinstein
    started the clinic.

    Did you read Dr Martin Luther King Jr,   Timothy Leary,
    Abbie Hoffman, or Angela Davis?
    Get arrested in D.C. at the anti-Vietnam war protest in 1970?
    Are you a Veteran of the Vietnam War?
    Been arrested for breathing at Buckroe Beach Pier?
    Stand together, united, to fight for your beliefs?
    Write your Congressman?

    Were you a Rebel WITH a cause?

    Lisa Law 60s history in photos
    Psychedelic 60s study by UVA

    Dream Speech

    "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
    I have a dream today!"

    Nobel Peace Prize Winner

    Peace will take you home!

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