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If you're not part of the solution . . . you're part of the problem.

Urban Legends or Snopes
PLEASE click one of these and find the truth about those email myths and hoaxes
BEFORE you forward that cool link or virus warning or petition to save the world
or some other do-good mail to all your friends.
I know your heart's in the right place but check these sites first.

Bioneers Visionary and practical solutions for restoring the earth

Save the Bay Here's something you can do - right here in your own back yard!
Help restore your own Chesapeake Bay to it's former beauty and bountiful splendor!

The Hunger Site
Just click for food. It really works! I checked them out on Urban Legends.

Habitat for Humanity volunteer
Greenpeace save the planet
VA PAWS animal welfare
Corporate Watch don't take your eyes off them
Planned Parenthood reproductive rights
VA Beach Free Clinic volunteer

BLUES! And links to other great sites. Click the box.

link to sites of great importance . . .
to me

Smithsonian Museums
All museums on The Mall are free!!! We're lucky to have this so close. Take advantage of it.
Virginia Museum of Fine Art Gorgeous Museum in Richmond
Library of Congress Look up anything
Nat'l Breast Cancer Foundation Curable if deteted early
American Liver Foundation More people in this country have Hep C than AIDS
Joslin Diabetes center
Mahatma Gandhi

Creative Loafing

Garden Web wealth of info about gardens and more, check the forums
Gourmet/Bon Apetit Magazines
Food & Life & Cancer
Sunflower House plant one for your kids
Culture Clash revolutionary comedy
Nancy's Notions sewing

links to graphics I used

Full Moon Graphics

Feebleminds Free Animated Gifs

    I had more links to sites I obtained free graphics from when I first put up this site in 1999. I recently (Feb 21, 2005) verified all those sites and removed all the non-working links. If any graphics on this site belong to you and you'd like a link to these pages please send me your info.

    links to MP3 and sound wavs I used are on the Tidewater Events page.
    More links I like on the History page.

"It has never mattered to me that thirty million people
might think "I'm wrong." The number of people who
thought Hitler was "right" did not make him "right."
The same principle should be applied to anyone who
has an individualistic attitude.
Why do you necessarily have to be wrong just
because a few million people think you are?"
Frank Zappa
from his Autobiography, on the freedom of speech

Peace will take you home

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