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of Tidewater Virginia Hippie Alumni

Check with MEONA for music schedules for all of Tidewater and beyond.
Click on "13 Day Event Forecast" for local events. Get your own event scheduled.
Steve Sloop maintains a comprehensive events listing and there're some great photos on this site.

You Tube. This link to Mitch Kirsner's youtube channel (Mitch26) has videos from Goodfellas Open Mike Night, including the Tuesday Night Choir and scores of other music videos from concerts he's been to.


  • Monday - Wing Kings - 6411 VaBeach Blvd @ Rosemont - hosted by Suzy Taylor
  • Tuesday - Checkered Flag on King St, Hampton VA - hosted by Walt Redmond and Lisa Marie
  • Tuesday - J.M. Randalls - Williamsburg
    - hosted by Brian C
  • Tuesday - Cheyenne Supper Club - hosted by Don Butcher
  • Wednesday - Goody's Deli & Pub - 11 E. Queensway - hosted by Vaughn Deel & Sueanne Doyer
  • Wednesday - The Barrel< - 3221 Tyre Neck Rd, Portsmouth, 483-1011.
  • Thursday - Victorian Station, Phoebus - hosted by Vaughn & Sueanne
  • Thursday - Marker 20 - 22 E. Queensway, Hampton.
  • Thursday - Hoss's Deli - Newport News - hosted by Walt Redmond Sr and Lisa Marie
  • Saturday - The Barrel - 3221 Tyre Neck Rd, Portsmouth, 483-1011.

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