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Tidewater Virginia Hippie 40 yr Reunion and
Benefit for Peppy Owens at

Sept 11, 2011, noon to 10pm

Call or email Robyn Roberts or cell # 757 508-3798 to donate or volunteer.

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Friends don't let friends miss a once in a lifetime opportunity


Contact all of your old friends and ask them to contact all of their old friends.
Send emails, make phone calls, write letters. Include links to this site and to our FB group.
There are Tidewater Virginia Hippies out there who do not participate in social media
we don't want to leave them out. Call them!
Talk about this event everywhere you go.
Make up some little business sized cards with the pertinent info and you can hand them out at other events/gigs.


This is the front of the shirt, minus the black letters across the front of the graphic
Jerry Halliday - orginal art
Denise Blain Stefula - electronic rendering
$25 - message Robyn with your size
The back of the shirt will say Benefit for Peppy Owens - Knuckleheads Roadhouse, and will list the Bands, the Producers, and all sponsors of $100 or more

SUPERSTARS - Thank-you

Our Producers - all these people voluntarily worked for months to bring you this event

Robyn Roberts
Event Organizer
Raffle prizes, Music,
TVH WebWeaver
Roberta Respess
Generous gifts
JR and everyone at
Knucklehead's Roadhouse
Maria Layton-Baker
Power Point Presentation
Ricardo Jones
Stage Backdrop,
Set Design, Art
Jon Buriak
Generous Gifts
Don Womack
Event co-organizer
sound, event poster
Billy Etheridge
Event co-organizer
sound, stage, funds
Liz Roberts
(the hippie formerly know as Pygen)
Event co-organizer
Jerry Halliday
Original artwork on the Reunion T-shirt
Press Coverage
Joyce Marie Morrin
Promotional Dynamo
Event co-organizer
Denise Blain Stefula
T-shirt design
Event co-organizer

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Donate - Sponsor - Volunteer

Peppy and Morna Owens thank you in advance for all you're doing for their benefit.

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BLAZING STARS - Thank you!

volunteers Back to Top


All these alumni have donated raffle prizes and/or given cash donations.
Tickets will be $1, $5 and $10 dollars, depending on value of the item
I'll be posting photos as they become available Back to Top

ROCK STARS - Thank-you!

(not necessarily in this order - will post times in August)
All musicians have donated their time and talents